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Mediation Services

“Reasonable Resolutions!”

Mediation is inexplicably expensive, but Lion Mediation offers an excellent service at a rock-bottom, no-frills price point. We help both parties remove emotion and set reasonable expectations to arrive at the best legal and financial decisions.

Our mediation team is practical and communicates clearly while working toward common sense, durable results at economical, flat fees.

Reasonableness is not weakness!

Image of a roaring lion, illustratrating the legal services of Lion Legal Services

A Full-Service Law Firm

“Roaring to the Rescue!”

Legal services are too often the mysterious domain of the lawyer, and the client has little insight into what is happening.

Lion Legal Services is different. We provide no-nonsense, transparent legal services at reasonable fees and with excellent communication.

You will know up front what we are doing, what we think the realistic outcome will be, and how much it will cost.

Image of a lion family representing our supervised visitation services.

Supervised Visitation

“Purring to Peace!”

Sometimes judges order that parents be supervised around their children.

But it’s not always practical for family and friends to supervise since they aren’t neutral, trained, or experienced—and may not be reliably available to meet the schedule.

Our supervision is affordable, reliable, and consistent with trained, vetted professional supervisors available weekends, evenings, and at any location.

The Law of the Jungle is changing.

Lion Legal Services is making it happen!

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