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Attorney Ad Litem & Supervised Visitation Services

The bedrock of Lion Legal Services is providing frank, down to earth solutions to Working Arkansans, resolving clients’ issues effectively & efficiently, dedicated to clear communication, affordable fees, transparency, and reasonableness under the circumstances.

Over the years, Courts and lawyers have heard from parents all manner of complaints about Ad Litems…”the Ad Litem doesn’t like me, I don’t know why!” or “The Ad Litem is not being truthful” or “is twisting what the counselor (therapist, child, other parent) said!” Even more egregious allegations such as an Ad Litem being “paid off” or being influenced by internal biases not founded in the law. 

These are serious allegations that force a Court and lawyers to question Ad Litem judgment, calls into question the Ad Litem’s qualifications, conclusions, and can haunt all parties involved that the right conclusion was not reached. These doubts and lack of satisfaction with the process lead to future disputes, which is the one thing that should be avoided in custody battles – having to come back to court! The children are hurt the most in these circumstance. 

Lion Legal Services offers confidential, discrete, transparent professional services related to contested domestic and probate matters. Our child-center services group is a full-service neighborhood professional team offering realistic, no-nonsense Ad Litem and supervised visitation services at economical flat fees and payment plans. 

Compassion & Dignity

The mistakes we make in our lives, the addictions we suffer, or any other reason that creates custody disputes, do not define us as human beings. 

Poor choices or unfortunate circumstances, do not make one a bad person or a bad parent.

Circumstances can arise that require a judge to order a visitation supervisor. When that is necessary Pride Professionals provides this service with dignity for the parent and compassion for the circumstances, knowing that we are all just doing the best we can in life.

Our first approach is a common sense, “let’s resolve this” approach which benefits our child-clients and their parents emotionally and financially. Sometimes an issue is not resolvable and we must go to trial. If we go to trial, we are thorough in our meaningful recommendations for our clients.

What is Supervised Visitation or Exchange?

More often than you think, parties request and judges order supervised visitation by one parent due to allegations of drug use or unsafe home circumstances. The million dollar question is who supervises! In-laws, ex In-laws, family friends, no one is neutral and no one trusts someone associated with the other side in the custody case!

We offer supervised visitation and exchanges by neutral supervisors for low, set prices, in a neutral environment, offering video and audio recordings, as ordered by the Court. 

Few companies offer this service and parents are often forced to rely on ex-in-laws or neighbors to “supervise.” Those third parties often hesitate because of family drama or tense relationships and the responsibility to follow the judge’s order.

All visits are documented extensively with contemporaneous visit notes and audio-visual recording.  See our FAQ page for more information about how this works! 

There is a one time fee to register with our offices of $150. The registration process is simple and can be done electronically or in person and is required before any supervised visits can be scheduled. 

Visitation sessions are a 2 hour minimum per visit. Bulk Discounts offered. We have supervisors all over Arkansas and are adding more vetted supervisors weekly. Will travel to your home, public places, or visitation can be at our offices. We are available every day of the week! 

Regular supervision: $60 per hour

Sight supervision: $ 75 per hour 

Sight and Sound supervision: $90 per hour

Supervised Exchanges: $30 each

What is an Ad Litem?

An Ad Litem is a special attorney appointed by the court to represent children or wards in domestic and probate cases. The job requires neutrality, finesse, organization and investigative skills.

The process involves document gathering, parental interviews, child interviews, witness interviews and a recommendation to the Court at the conclusion. At Lion Legal Services all interested parties appreciate our organized, satisfying, involved process. 

Standard AAL CUB Package ($2200) 

Consultation & Entry of Appearance 

Intake packet with step by step instructions for each parent on how to communicate with us, what information and documents to gather, specific pictures that must be provided, what witnesses to list w/contact information, how interviews are scheduled, a contract agreeing to abide by terms of service, and the necessary signed releases. 

The assigned certified AAL will enter an appearance in the case and begin conducting  in person interviews of each litigant, in-person interviews of each child involved (when in custody of each parent), home visits, and other interviews.

Public Records searches are conducted by Pride Professionals: FOIA requests to city and county law enforcement agencies in jurisdiction of each parents’ residence, criminal background check. 

Employment Releases and information, Education/School Releases and information, Medical Releases and information are obtained by Pride Professionals for consideration and inclusion in Final Report.  

Parents are required to provide: contact information of witnesses, releases, and cooperate in all aspects of the Ad Litem’s representation of the children. 

The AAL will provide a written Final Report with supporting evidence and reasoning. 

The vast majority of the time our Cub Package is all that’s needed to represent the children effectively. Work beyond the scope of our Cub Package is billed hourly at $90/hour. The decision for what work is necessary rests solely with the Ad Litem, not any party or attorney. 

Rooms for Children & Visitors

Your children are in good hands at Lion Legal Services. We are prepared, with rooms that are safe, comfortable and equipped for a child’s activities. These are visitation & consultation rooms specifically for the work of our Attorneys Ad Litem and for supervised parental visits. Here are a few photos of the facilities.

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