Administrative Hearings and Appeals 1

Administrative Hearings and Appeals

Child Maltreatment Registry

In Arkansas, anyone can report someone to the Child Abuse Hotline. The report is confidential and is routed to the Arkansas State Police, Crimes Against Children’s Division for investigation. A single investigator (with no legal background or formal education) after interviewing all relevant parties, including the child if the child is old enough, determines if the report is “substantiated” or “unsubstantiated.”

If claims against you are determined to be substantiated, then you have a right to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Lion Legal Services is experienced in handling these hearings. We can also help you if you did not object to your placement on the Registry and wish to Petition to be removed from the Child Maltreatment Registry.

Professional Licensing Boards

All professional licensing boards have a mechanism to retract their professional licenses. Administrative Agencies are part of the Executive Branch of government, meaning that the decisions of agencies are very difficult to have overturned. It is critical that you take them seriously and put forth your best case because you only get one bite at the apple. The burden on appeal of an administrative law decision is high and difficult to meet. Call Lion Legal Services today! 

Driver Control Hearings

There are many reasons to lose your driver’s license, usually it is the result of a traffic stop and being charged with DWI or DUI. If you need help defending your privilege to drive, call Lion Legal Services. 

How Much Do Administrative Hearings & Appeals Cost In Arkansas?

All fees include communication with client, opposing counsel and court related to that stage, including negotiations, advice, counsel, and settlement of the matter up to but not including a preparation appointment.

All hearing fees include complete and thorough preparation by the attorney and with client in a separate preparation appointment at least 2 weeks before the event.

All uncontested fees include court appearances as required for uncontested matters.

Administrative Hearing Flat Fees:

  • Appeals/hearings
    • $2,500 flat fee, including hearing (when stand alone)
    • $750 (when related to a criminal matter such as DWI defense & related DL suspension hearing)

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