Leigh Law distributed this Press Release on September 10, 2019:


Leigh Law, PLLC,  founds sister firms Leigh Liaisons and Pride Professionals


North Little Rock, AR (September 10, 2019) – Noting that confrontation spins up too easily into emotional storms, Victoria Leigh of Leigh Law, PLLC, announced the formation of two new firms dedicated to calming the waters. Leigh Liaisons and Pride Professionals will serve working Arkansans from their shared base in North Little Rock.


Leigh Liaisons focuses on mediation, offering reasonable resolutions to life’s problems. “Our experience shows that most cases should be resolved out of court, to save time, money and stress for everyone involved,” says Ms. Leigh. “Our certified mediators approach mediation with patience, humor, clear communication and good old Arkansas common sense.” 

Divorce, custody, family and contract disputes can be handled quickly through mediation and the outcomes are more satisfying than a court trial, at far less expense.

Leigh Liaisons can be reached online at www.Leigh-Liaisons.com, or by phone at (501) 227-7627.


Pride Professionals protects the interests of children through on-site supervised visitation and Attorney Ad Litem services. 

Family courts frequently order supervised visitation when parents are squabbling or a parent is perceived to be untrustworthy. Pride Professionals maintains comfortable and secure visitation rooms, on-site observation and scheduled drop-off and pickup up so that the child and parents can avoid confrontation.

When needed, the certified Attorneys Ad Litem at Pride Professionals provide objective legal representation for children involved in divorce and custody disputes.

Pride Professionals can be reached online at www.Pride-Professionals.com or by phone at (501) 227-PURR (227-7877).

“Leigh Law has years of experience and a strong reputation for straight-shooting, top-notch legal services in central Arkansas, and we provide these services at affordable, flat rates with no surprise costs,” says Ms. Leigh. “That same approach carries over to Leigh Liaisons and Pride Professionals. Our goal is clear communication, practical guidance, and better outcomes at lower cost for working Arkansans.”




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