If you are an Arkansas school teacher, Lion Legal Services will prepare a simple will and a healthcare directive for you, at no charge.

There’s no need for you to come in to our offices because we can handle it online. Here’s how it works.

1. Email us before August 24th, and we will send you an online intake form. Our email address is <teachers@lionlegalservices.com>
2. Complete the form we send, and return it to us.
3. We will prepare a simple will and healthcare directive based on your responses to the intake form.
4. To finish the process, you will need to have the documents notarized and witnessed at a notary public near you. For example, UPS stores provide this service for a small fee, or your bank may offer notarization at no cost to you.

Reopening schools involves a lot of uncertainty in the midst of the pandemic. We can’t do much about that, but we can help you put to rest some of your concerns about your estate and your healthcare. So email us between now and the 24th and we’ll roar to your rescue!


(501) 227-ROAR (that’s 227-7627)
2800 Percy Machin Dr.
North Little Rock, AR 72114

“Roaring to the Rescue!”