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Attorney Ad Litem

Ad Litems represent children and other incapacitated persons in legal matters, most often custody disputes. The parents have to pay for the ad litem on top of their own lawyer fees. 

Consistent with our mission and purpose, we offer flat fee ad litem services, to make an expensive necessary service more affordable to Working Arkansan Parents.

As with all our Lion legal services,  “Lion” Litems are down to earth, practical, transparent, no nonsense and reasonable – which makes us the most effective. 

The job requires neutrality, finesse, organization and investigative skills. The process involves document gathering, parental interviews, child interviews, witness interviews and a recommendation to the Court at the conclusion. At Lion Legal Services all interested parties appreciate our organized, satisfying, involved process.

“Lion Litem” Fees 

All fees include communication with client, both parties, all attorneys – all investigation, home visits, witness interviews, travel, reports, and settlement negotiations but no court appearances. If the case doesn’t settle, then additional flat fees apply for each court appearance necessary.

Fees are split as agreed or ordered – base flat fee for AAL service is $5000. 

Hearings Fees

    • 1 hour hearing —$750
    • 2 hour hearing —$1000
    • 1/2 day hearing —$1500
    • Full day hearing —$2000
    • Additional consecutive days —$1000 each

Rooms for Children & Visitors

Your children are in good hands at Lion Legal Services. We are prepared, with rooms that are safe, comfortable and equipped for a child’s activities. These are visitation & consultation rooms specifically for the work of our Attorneys Ad Litem and for supervised parental visits. Here are a few photos of the facilities.

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