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Thank you for your interest in joining the Pride! 

Most law offices with more than one attorney are in a commission based arrangement.

This means the lawyers are really independent with no oversight and simply share a name or expenses. It means that attorneys that work there are responsible to bring in their own clients, handle their own billing, etc. 

Not at Lion Legal! All of our attorneys and staff are salaried employees of the firm. Our team approach to practicing is critically important to provide consistency across our client-oriented legal practice. It allows us to communicate well with clients, have time to prepare for court, depend and rely on each other, 

 If only one lawyer is working your case or has any idea what’s going on in your matter, what happens when that lawyer is on vacation? in court? sick? Or worse, dies? As an employee, the stress of returning from vacation days, PTO, or days in court is not compounded by a mountain of work that didn’t get done while you were gone – because of our dynamic team approach.  

We all have different strengths and we are huge believers in having the right person for each task! This allows us to achieve the best result and ensure the smoothest process for clients and the most pleasant enjoyable working environment for our team – satisfied and appreciated lawyers and paralegals equals satisfied and appreciated clients.

About the Firm – for employees

  • all-women & close-knit group with a great team dynamic
  • high trust; we do not micro-manage (after probation period)
  • clear, specific procedures and processes
  • separate billing department
  • NLR physical location; practice State-wide (travel as required)
  • modern and tech-savvy, using all available tools to work smarter, not harder.
  • been in business for ten years w/ no less than 25% growth annually
  • stable career positions
  • down to earth, practical and excellent trial attorneys
  • team approach is unprecedented in the practice of law
  • Excellent work-life balance & true family flexibility (really, not just saying that)
  • Primarily Working Arkansans clientele
  • extremely organized (we never “almost” miss a deadline)
  • we embody how the client feels about our services is as important as the result
  • Timely and clear communication w/each other and clients

Standard Benefits  

  • 100% employer paid health insurance for employees and all dependents
  • unlimited work from home, PTO, flexible schedule 
  • retirement program after 2 years, with 3% match
  • all CLE/training/certifications/bar dues/ memberships /mileage paid by firm
  • office retreats & paid federal holidays off
  • mandatory annual 1 week paid true vacation
  • paid 6-week parental leave after 1 year employment 
  • salaried pay w/ annual raises
  • transparency – raises commensurate with the firm’s success & your contributions

Requirements to be a member of the Pride 

  • Excellent time management & computer skills generally
  • Professionalism (timeliness, business dress/appearance)
  • Ability to track in detail and meet court deadlines & internal deadlines
  • Ability to delegate and supervise (task assignment to other team members)
  • Absolute preparedness for meetings and court appearances
  • Realistic & reasonable & self-confident & Honest & reliable
  • Ability to write clear, concise, detailed correspondence
  • Ability to adapt to our processes and procedures & follow them religiously

We might be Great Fit if you: 

  • think checking your email is a compulsion;
  • love checklists & detailed task lists;
  • schedule everything – phone calls, client meetings, meetings, personal time
  • email with short, concise sentences, using bullets or numbering
  • think ahead – answer questions before they are asked
  • have excellent computer skills – we are paperless.
  • Are Type A personality
  • love work flexibility – the work has to be done, but WHEN we do it is up to us –
  • want to increase your skills, responsibilities, and salary as part of a true team 

We are definitely not a Great Fit If you: 

  • have 1000s of emails in your inbox or only check email once a day
  • write notes on scrap paper or use a paper calendar
  • are indecisive or not competitive
  • “almost” miss deadlines or wait until the actual deadline to handle

How to Apply for any of our positions: 

Send resume and cover letter to any one of our partners explaining what position you’re applying for and why you think you’re a great fit for Lion Legal. Why do you want to be part of the pride? Why should we want you to be a part of our pride? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your best skills? What skills need the most improvement? If a law student, your email must include your most recent transcript and a list of your elective classes. 

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