Civil Litigation 2

Civil Litigation

Even with the best planning, it’s always possible that business break-ups or contract breaches end up in litigation. From small lease disputes to vehicle warranty problems, to contractor disputes, business break-ups, and everything in between, Lion Legal Services is the experience you need.

Small Claims & District Court 

Any dispute under $5000 is almost always not worth hiring an attorney. Small Claims courts across the state have clear rules and guidance for folks to represent themselves regarding disputes under $5000 total. 

Litigation can also be relatively small District Courts for disputes up to $25,000 in controversy. Lawyers can and often represent clients in District Court disputes. District Court is faster and less formal and does not provide for a jury to determine your case. 

Disputes over amounts of money over $5000 need a specific evaluation to determine if the attorney’s fees to pursue are justified by the likely results. 

Circuit Court Litigation

unfavorable District Court rulings and business break-ups or any contract dispute over $25,000 is heard in Circuit Court. Our lawyers are experienced in all manner of civil litigation including the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practice Act, common law fraud, breach of contract, misrepresentation and even Arbitration cases.

The Small Business Pass Through Act is the relevant law for business break-ups (dissolutions). Let Lion Legal Services’ experience Roar to your Rescue by helping you resolve your dispute aggressively, reasonably, economically today! 

Federal Court Litigation

Any litigation which is the subject of citizens of different states or is the subject of federal law, such as the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Civil Rights Act and many foreclosure defense cases are litigated in Federal Court. 

Several of our attorneys are licensed in the Federal Courts of Arkansas and routinely represent our clients aggressively for violations of these acts.

Lion Legal Services is dedicated to providing clear concise options and realistic evaluation on the pros and cons of engaging in civil litigation, which could take months or years to resolve. 

Call today to find out about the process, likely results, and evaluate your options in any civil litigation scenario. Let Lion Legal Services Roar to your Rescue! 

How Much Does Civil Litigation Cost In Arkansas?

All fees include communication with client, opposing counsel and court related to that stage, including negotiations, advice, counsel, and settlement of the matter up to but not including a preparation appointment.

All hearing fees include complete and thorough preparation by the attorney and with client in a separate preparation appointment at least 2 weeks before the event.

All uncontested fees include court appearances as required for uncontested matters. 

General Civil Flat Fees:

  • Administrative appeals/hearings
    • $2,500 flat fee, includes hearing
  • District court matters
    • $2,500 flat fee, including trial
  • 1st Stage of circuit court litigation
    • minimum fee $5,000, up to 10% of the AIC 
  • Uncontested quiet title actions
    • $3,500 flat fee, includes hearing
    • Necessary defendant beyond 3: $750 each
  • Private landlord evictions
    • $1,000, minimum fee
  • Adult Name Change
    • $500 flat fee
  • Real Estate Transactions
    • minimum fee $3,500, up to 10% of the AIC
Additional Fees May Apply To Your Case (click to view)

Flat fees do not include contested hearings or trials unless specified.

Out of pocket costs are in addition to all legal fees listed

Some additional fees may be required by your case, such as:

  • Warning order surcharge: $750
  • Private investigator surcharge: $750
  • Motion to Extend Time for Anything: $350
  • Motion to Compel Discovery (responding or filing): $500
  • All other Motions/Briefs: $1000+
  • Phone conference with Court/OPC: $500
  • Rescheduled Hearing: $500
  • Rescheduled preparation appointment fee: $250
  • Withdrawal fee: $500
  • Closing fee: $350
  • Subpoenas: $100/each (unless related to deposition)
  • One Round of Written Discovery (any combination under 100 questions) GF letter: $2500
  • Mediation/Settlement Conferences (includes preparation and attendance):
    • ½ day - $1,500
    • Full day - $2,500
  • Taking a Deposition (includes scheduling, subpoenaing, preparation, and taking):
    • ½ day - $2,000
    • Full day -  $3,000
    • Additional days - $1,000 each
  • Defending a Deposition:
    • ½ day - $750
    • Full day - $1,250
    • Additional days - $750 each
  • Hearings/Bench Trials:
    • 1 hr hearing - $1,750
    • 2hr hearing - $2,500
    • ½ day hearing - $3,500
    • Full day hearing - $6,000
    • Additional consecutive days - $4,000 each

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