Criminal Defense 1

Criminal Defense

Everything from misdemeanors to felonies, DWI/DUIs, District Court Appeals, we are here to defend you. Let us Roar to the Rescue!

Misdemeanors (including DWIs)/Traffic

Traffic and misdemeanor charges are brought in what is called District Court. In District Court, a criminal defendant does not have the option of a jury trial. The judge, and the judge alone, decides your guilt or innocence. All Defendants have an absolute right to appeal to Circuit Court within thirty days if convicted, where you are entitled to a jury. District Court is an opportunity to resolve your case with limited attorney fees. Lion Legal Services attorneys are often able to obtain favorable results in District Court and resolve the issue finally for clients. You should treat District Court as seriously as you would Circuit Court so as to prevent the need, time and stress of an appeal.

If you are found or plead guilty in District Court you have thirty days to file an appeal to Circuit Court, no questions asked. You do not have to state a basis for your appeal or otherwise justify why you think you should be able to get another chance at defending yourself. Once appealed, the case starts all over again with a different judge and a different prosecutor and a jury. It’s a complicated process to appeal and you must follow the rules strictly. If you want to appeal, contact us immediately!


From probation revocations to sex crimes to gun or drug crimes to violent crimes, Lion Legal Services’ criminal defense team is experienced in representing Defendants accused of a variety of charges. Freedom is one of the most important tenets of our society; your freedom is worth protecting vigorously and you only get one bite at the apple of proving you are not guilty.

Sex Offender Registry

In Arkansas, levels 1, 2 and 3 sex offenders have the right to petition to be removed from the sex offender registry after fifteen years. You have the burden of proving that you are no longer a danger to society. Call Lion Legal Services to help you put a case together to have you removed from the Sex Offender Registry.

Sealing Criminal Records 

In Arkansas, certain offenses can be expunged from your record at different times and under different circumstances. Call Lion Legal Services to help you seal your criminal records.

Probation Termination 

There are many reasons we can successfully petition to have your probation terminated early. We have the expertise to terminate your probation early, if it’s possible at all. 

How Much Does Criminal Defense Cost In Arkansas?

All fees include communication with client, opposing counsel and court, research, analysis, court appearances, plea negotiations, and trial, through completion of the matter. Fees do not include appeals. 


  • CDL traffic ticket
    • $1,000 flat fee
  • Misdemeanor
    • $2,500 flat fee
  • Probation revocation
    • $2,000 flat fee
  • Parole Board hearing
    • $2,500
  • Petition to seal/expunge
    • $500 flat fee for misdemeanor
    • $750 flat fee for felony
  • Petition to be removed from sex offender registry
    • $2,500 flat fee
  • Petition for early termination of probation
    • $2,500 flat fee
  • Felonies: 1st charge
    • D felony (0-6) — $2,500
    • C felony (3-10) — $4,250
    • B felony (5-20) — $7,500
    • A felony (6-30) — $10,000
    • Y felony (40-life) — $12,500+
  • Additional fee for 2 or more charges
    • Misdemeanor — +$250
    • D felony (0-6) — +$500
    • C felony (3-10) — +$1,000
    • B felony (5-20) — +$3,500
  • Small habitual
    • +$500
  • Big habitual
    • +$1000

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