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Danielle Hasty 1Danielle Hasty,
Managing Attorney,
Probate & Civil Divisions

I’m Danielle: I was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (outside Tulsa), but am a proud Razorback and Little Rocker.  Gamma Eta got me through the U of A and karaoke at the Town Pump got me through law school at Bowen. You can still find my plate at The Flying Saucer and I am (okay, maybe used to be) on a first name basis there as a reigning trivia champ!

My work history includes banks, banks, and more banks, which makes sense given that my position as Managing Attorney for the Probate and Civil Divisions at Lion Legal Services primarily includes handling business, real estate, and other civil cases.

All of our transactional cases cross my desk at some point or another, including real estate closings, business formations, landlord evictions, and debt defense; as well as all of our civil litigation cases, including consumer protection work, suing debt collectors for wrongful collection tactics, business dissolutions, fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of contracts.

Lion Legal Services is my happy place with our no-nonsense, team approach to resolving clients’ issues. Unlike most folks, I’m non-confrontational and quiet. Don’t let that fool ya into complacency, though! Details are my jam; my introverted “woman of few words” demeanor complements well the other attorneys on my team who take a bigger picture approach.

I’m really close to making partner in the firm – and will in 2022, assuming I don’t win the lottery and move to Denver and absolutely do not work because I won the lottery. My job is to lead our team of civil and probate attorneys to ensure we exceed five-star legal services on each case we take and live our Lion Values while doing it. It is cheesy, I know. But it’s true. Every time we have a tough decision to make, we evaluate what we said we’d do in that boardroom a few years back when we came up with these values and the real-life, in-the-moment decision becomes clear.

Clients are apprehensive, sometimes, that my quiet personality does not belong in the courtroom. Being true to yourself (in and outside the courtroom) is the most effective lawyer-ing technique, trust me. My questioning and arguments are more persuasive because they are not hidden behind superfluous chit-chat, talking just to hear myself talk (you know which lawyers I’m talking about!)

I’m a proud (and quiet) member of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association.

My personal life is pretty traditional – dogs, plants, husband, and a baby! My son Grissom, craft beer, good food, Razorback sports, and my Emergency Room nurse husband Daniel (Danielle and right?) are a few of my favorite things.

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