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Divorce & Separations

Divorces and Legal Separations are like cars, coming in all prices and varieties. They can be short & simple with no contested issues or long and complicated custody and financial battles.

Separating from a spouse is one of the most difficult things a person experiences. The decisions made during this time will have a lasting impact on the lives of all people involved. Whether it is a case of an uncontested separation with no children or assets or a contentious division of children, assets, and debts, Lion Legal Services is here to ensure you are not disadvantaged by your spouse.

We help you reach closure and obtain a fair, long-lasting result.

Uncontested Divorce/Separation

Everyone wants an uncontested divorce, but not many folks actually have an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce or separation is defined as the parties have actually discussed the divorce and come up with a plan together – you’re in agreement on who gets what, what visitation and custody looks like and child support, who is paying what debts, taking what property, getting the house, etc. All questions are agreed and you need guidance to finalize.  

We have two options for a truly uncontested divorce: $500 package and $1000 package.

In a $1000 uncontested divorce, our lion lawyers draft all the paperwork from summons, to complaint to decree, we handle all the steps, and finalize the divorce to reflect the agreement you’ve already made. We handle all communication with the court directly and ensure that your divorce is finalized. This is a “full-service” package in the sense that we handle everything from beginning to end, drafting, communication, and finalizing. 

In a $500 uncontested divorce package, our Lion lawyers meet with you and give you step by step instructions, who to contact, what paperwork you need, and reviews the paperwork you’ve drafted or been provided. In this package, the client drafts all the paperwork and handles all communication with the court. The client also finalizes the divorce in court or by deposition without one of our lawyers going with you to court. This is a “limited – scope” option to make legal services even more affordable to folks on a tight budget. We review, answer questions and tell you how to handle your divorce from beginning to end. 

In neither uncontested divorce page, substantive advice and counsel about your agreement or negotiations with your spouse or an attorney representing your spouse to resolve any disagreements between you are included, because then your divorce is not uncontested! 

If you need advice and counsel or want us to negotiate on your behalf, then you need the standard divorce package, below.

Standard Divorce/Separation

There are many variables and some divorces are very costly.

The national average for a divorce that can be settled without going to trial is $12,900.

We offer two billing options for standard divorces – staged fee and hourly. There are pros and cons to each billing option, as discussed on our billing page 

At Lion Legal Services, we help guide more than 70% or our clients through a full service divorce for no more than $5000. That’s less than 1/2 of the average without sacrificing the quality of our legal services.

We are trial hardened lawyers who will go to trial with you, prepared to win if that’s what your case requires, but you and your ex can save thousands of dollars by taking a practical approach to your divorce.

Reasonableness is not weakness.

How Much Do Divorces Cost?  

Our initial fee for an uncontested divorce is $1000 plus out of pocket costs.

Our initial staged fee for a standard divorce is $2500 plus out of pocket costs. This fee includes all fact gathering, communication with you, opposing counsel and the court, advice and counsel, research, legal strategy, drafting, filing, serving, the divorce complaint, or responding and counterclaiming divorce if you are the defendant, negotiations, culminating in a resolution of the matter without a contested hearing.



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