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Family Law & Domestic Issues

Family related issues are very stressful! Our Family Law Division is large, handling hundreds of cases a year related to divorce, custody, visitation, support, guardianships, adoptions, paternity, Pre & Post Nuptial agreements, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

We pride ourselves on realistic, aggressive advice to support our clients. Lion Legal Services has the experience and desire to help you solve your family issues as stress-free as possible, while obtaining the result you need and in an economical fashion.

With over forty years combined experience, you couldn’t be in better hands.


Divorces are like cars, coming in all prices and varieties! They can be short & simple with no contested issues or long, complicated custody and financial battles.

Separating from a spouse is one of the most difficult things a person experiences. The decisions made during this time will have a lasting impact on the lives of all people involved. Whether it is a case of an uncontested separation with no children or assets or a contentious division of children, assets, and debts, Lion Legal Services is here to ensure you are not disadvantaged by your spouse. We help you reach closure and obtain a fair, long-lasting result.

Spousal Support/Alimony

Spousal Support is not a penalty for breaking a marriage contract. It exists to maintain your standard of living after you separate from your partner and continue supporting yourself. Alimony is not applicable in every divorce; Lion Legal Services will help determine if it’s a possibility in your divorce and the pros and cons of pursuing it. We fight for you to ensure your support goals are achieved in light of your new circumstances.


Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are special legal orders required after a divorce to divide investment or retirement assets. The orders are separate from Divorce Decrees, complicated to draft, and unique to each situation. They are often needed in divorces, but many family attorneys are unable or unwilling to handle them. If you are already divorced and need a QDRO, call us to get the retirement to which you are entitled.

Custody Disputes

Whether the parents were never married or are well past a divorce, children bind you with each other for years. In an ideal world the first custody and visitation order will last until all your children are grown; but that’s not always possible. Circumstances and people change! Whether this is the first time or a modification, Lion Legal Services is your firm! We strive to reach settlements that ensure the best interests of all children and parents involved. Our experience helps address direct and indirect issues such as new step parents, parents moving, new half-siblings, different financial circumstances, to craft a global resolution to maintain all the relationships.  After all, nothing is more important than keeping your child safe and minimizing emotional problems later in life as a result of the custody battle.

Child Support

The State of Arkansas offers a complimentary service to all custodial parents to obtain and enforce child support orders. There are many factors which can affect child support. The case load is heavy at the Office of Child Support Enforcement and we provide faster child support legal services than OCSE. It is important to get the financial support you need to take care of your child. Child Support follows specific and detailed guidelines to maintain financial stability in both households until the children are eighteen. This financial responsibility is required by both parents regardless of marital status. We fight to get you the support your child needs to live well. We can also help parents trying to lower or change their child support obligation if the current obligation is too high.


Situations involving DHS can be overwhelming and scary. Allegations of Dependent-Neglect or Abuse are serious and require your full attention. Lion Legal Services provides counsel in DHS situations and works directly with DHS to resolve issues quickly so your life can get back to normal. If you are in need of assistance dealing with DHS, don’t hesitate to call us.

Adoptions & Guardianships

Grandparent Adoptions, Step-Parent Adoptions, Traditional Adoptions, or Single-Parent Adoptions are services we are experienced in providing exceptionally well. Sometimes, cases are complicated and sometimes they are not. A parent is subject to having his or her rights terminated in Arkansas if there is no significant contact or support for the child from that parent for a period of one year.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

You don’t buy insurance intending to get in a car accident and you don’t enter a marriage intending to divorce; but we strongly advise that you protect yourself in the event of a separation. A marriage is a CONTRACT and all contracts can be breached. No one knows what the future holds – if you don’t need your insurance, that’s great! If you do, you’ll be infinitely grateful you thoughtfully planned ahead!

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