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About Our Fees

Flat Fee Services

Most of the services we offer are available on a flat fee, a la carte basis with no hidden costs and payment plans. Case Costs are in addition to the quoted fees. 

Payment Plans

All payment plans are negotiated on a case by case basis. We work in progression with payment plans and will not finalize a case until a fee is paid in full. All litigation fees must be paid prior to the hearing or trial. 

Payment plans are required to be on auto-pay and regularly scheduled. We do not charge interest, late fees, payment penalties, or credit card fees. 

Common Case Costs

  • Filing Fee – $165-$185 (depending on county)
  • Summons Fee – $2.50 (each summons issued)
  • Re-opening Fee – $50 (each time)
  • Service Fee – $60+

Fees for Common Services

Not all fees are listed; final fees are determined on a case by case basis  in the initial free phone consultation. Less predictable areas are not listed. Call to discuss!  

  • $800Simple uncontested divorce. No arguments or negotiations; both parties are already in agreement on all divorce terms..we just do the legal stuff! Everyone wants this to be their divorce; but it is rare!
  • $2,200—Base fee for any family related service, including divorce, adoption, custody, child support, and guardianship. This is our most common fee and 60% of all cases never progress past this fee. This includes everything we have to do to get your issue resolved from beginning to end, consultations with you, drafting, filing, negotiating, final agreement and a court appearance, if necessary. 
  • $500Covenant marriage surcharge
  • $1,500—Qualified Domestic Relations Order (or “QDRO”) (bulk discounts available)
  • $1,500+Misdemeanor: To defend any misdemeanor or combination of misdemeanors, including trial in district court.
  • $2,000+Felony: To defend any felony or combination of felonies
  • $750landlord evictions, if not contested by the tenant. (bulk discounts available)
  • $2,200landlord eviction, if contested by tenant. No extra charge for the hearing.
  • $100Contract Review. Bring that contract in before you sign it!!
  • $750+Life & Estate Plans without a Trust (most people do not need a trust!)
  • $3,000+Life & Estate Plans with a Trust: (see our life plan page for more details!)
  • $1500—Resolving property issues after death, when full probate is not necessary
  • $2,200Administrative Appeals: Child Maltreatment Registry, Abuse findings, Sex Offender Registry, Parole Board. Any hearing in front of an administrative agency is one flat fee. 
  • $500-$1250 – Mediation fees: Visit our mediation page for more details; this is total fee charged, split however agreed or ordered. 
  • $2200—AAL fees: “Cub Package” flat fee, split however agreed or ordered. Visit our Ad Litem page for more details! 
  • $65-90/hr—Supervised visitation/exchange fees: Depending on what you need; we negotiate a fee up front. Visit our supervised visitation page for more details.

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