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All other matters are heard in Circuit court, including all levels of felonies. Felonies sometimes start in district court for their first appearance, but will be transferred to circuit court as the case progresses through the system. Our fees for felonies are:

  • D felony (0-6) — $3,500
  • C felony (3-10) — $4,250
  • B felony (5-20) — $7,500
  • A felony (6-30) — $10,000+
  • Y felony (10-40/life) — $12,500+
  • additional fee of $500 if you have 2 or 3 previous felony convictions and an additional fee of $1000 if you have 4 or more previous felony convictions.

If charged with more than one crime, the fee is based on the most serious crime above and then additional fee of $250 for each misdemeanor, $500 for each D felony, $1000 for each C felony, $2000 for each A or B felony.

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