Flat Fees vs Hourly Billing

The number one complaint about attorneys is that they cost too much money – and far too many Arkansans cannot afford legal services. Lion Legal Services works on a flat fee basis to the maximum extent possible. That allows us to stay predictable, keep your legal expenses down and be the high-value legal services for working Arkansans.

The Problem With Hourly Billing

This is the old, traditional model of paying for a lawyer. You give a lawyer a sum of money (usually $3000-$5000) and the lawyer holds it in a special bank account as a retainer fee.

The lawyer tracks all time spent on your matter in six-minute increments. If he spends 2 minutes leaving a voicemail, you are charged for six minutes. Every email, phone call, scribbled note, thought in the shower is billed against the balance in your account. At the end of the month, you may be shocked by how much time has accrued. Now your balance is half-way gone and you are nowhere near a legal solution.

Your monthly invoices are not predictable at all. You can’t budget for them because you have no idea from one day to the next how much time the attorney is spending on your matter. You are frustrated.

You then start thinking that he’s purposely taking as long as possible to resolve your problem so he can run up a big bill. You start to resent your attorney. You question if he really spent an hour on that letter or if he padded his bill to charge you more. Or did he send a letter because he knew it would take more time to write it, mail it, and process a response than if he just picked up the phone, after all he’s being paid by how long he can drag this out!

You realize, usually too late, that this billing arrangement creates an actual INCENTIVE for your lawyer to be inefficient and take as long as possible.

You are afraid to initiate communication with your attorney for fear of that $50 voicemail!

You are very upset and probably don’t even have your legal issue resolved because you ran out of money!!

The Benefits of Flat Fees

You talk to a lawyer, explain your issue and what you want to accomplish. The lawyer makes some predictions based on her experience and explains the general legal process for your type of issue.

You’re quoted a flat fee. You know how much it will cost you at the beginning. You can budget around it – monthly, weekly, bi-weekly because your payment never changes.

Your attorney keeps you updated and works your case efficiently.

You feel the progress!

Bottom Line

Flat fees give you better control of the cost and timing of your legal expenses, and a better understanding of what to expect. And at Lion Legal Services our flat fees save you money!

Our typical flat fees are shown on every page under the Legal Services section of this website.

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