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Small Business Formations & Dissolutions

We know small business—because we are a small business. From just-starting, solo businesses to seasoned multi-member, limited liability companies and partnerships, Lion Legal has the experience and creativity to address all your small business needs.

You think of an idea and you get to work, no special formation necessary. Sometimes that’s true. Most times, it’s not.

Deciding what type and then forming the business entity is an important step of being a business owner and has important legal and tax consequences. It is not and doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank.

Our business formation packages include shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, advice and counsel, addresses potential tax pitfalls, how to set up your bank accounts, bookkeeping, annual reports, and best practices, and actual business planning, whatever is needed to get your business legal and running.

The more people involved in your business, the more legal talent is necessary – the most important aspect of forming a business partnership is determining how that partnership is going to end—instead of leaving it to chance or “default” laws. And most business relationships do end – circumstances change, people die, people move, people get mad at each other. If you have a plan, then your small business dissolution doesn’t have to be litigation.


All formation and dissolution fees are all-inclusive, out-the-door pricing. Filing costs are additional—usually $100 to the Secretary of State.

Basic Lion business packages start at $750 for a single-person business.

Prices depend on assets and how complicated the plan is—and will be determined in full before we set to work on your matter.

Additional Fees May Apply To Your Case (click to view)

Flat fees do not include contested hearings or trials unless specified.

Out of pocket costs are in addition to all legal fees listed

Some additional fees may be required by your case, such as:

  • Warning order surcharge: $750
  • Private investigator surcharge: $750
  • Motion to Extend Time for Anything: $350
  • Motion to Compel Discovery (responding or filing): $500
  • All other Motions/Briefs: $1000+
  • Phone conference with Court/OPC: $500
  • Rescheduled Hearing: $500
  • Rescheduled preparation appointment fee: $250
  • Withdrawal fee: $500
  • Closing fee: $350
  • Subpoenas: $100/each (unless related to deposition)
  • One Round of Written Discovery (any combination under 100 questions) GF letter: $2500
  • Mediation/Settlement Conferences (includes preparation and attendance):
    • ½ day - $1,500
    • Full day - $2,500
  • Taking a Deposition (includes scheduling, subpoenaing, preparation, and taking):
    • ½ day - $2,000
    • Full day -  $3,000
    • Additional days - $1,000 each
  • Defending a Deposition:
    • ½ day - $750
    • Full day - $1,250
    • Additional days - $750 each
  • Hearings/Bench Trials:
    • 1 hr hearing - $1,750
    • 2hr hearing - $2,500
    • ½ day hearing - $3,500
    • Full day hearing - $6,000
    • Additional consecutive days - $4,000 each

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