History of Our Pride 1

History of Our Pride

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention and nothing is more obviously needed than affordable, reasonable legal services for Arkansans. Over 90% of legal cases go unresolved or are attempted to be resolved without an attorney involved on one side or the other, because attorneys are stuffy, expensive, arrogant & inflexible.

Tori is an attorney and didn’t like them – her perspective from her middle-class upbringing, was “no wonder no one likes lawyers!” Attorneys make things complicated, withhold information, are impossible to get a hold of and charge a lot for the extra hours of work they create and often the solutions they don’t find!

Leigh Law was born in a one room second floor office (with no elevator!) and a commitment to genuinely help people, reasonably, solve their problems. Clients come to law offices when they are scared, in limbo; they don’t know what to do and often have a small budget to do something with. If your problem is not solve-able, then a lawyer should not take your money to “try.” Even if your budget is not “small,” no one wants to waste money on lawyers without a meaningful result. 

The Mighty Lion was chosen as our emblem because he has the broadest shoulders to bear the weight of serious life issues; he serves the entire jungle from the least to the greatest; and, possesses the creativity and wisdom to find the most reasonable, economical resolutions, so clients can move on with their lives. Reasonableness is not weakness.  

There is almost always a reasonable resolution to avoid the expense and uncertainty of trial for clients; when the opponent is being unreasonable, our Lion Lawyers are Trial Lawyers, comfortable and easy in a courtroom to get the right result for each of our clients. 

Today, we are Lion Legal Services, a neighborhood office, with lion lawyer expertise in a variety of areas, providing no-nonsense legal services at low flat fees with interest-free payment plans.  Our bedrock is our transparent, approachable manner, excellent client communications, reasonable advice, and aggressive trial skills, at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of traditional law offices without sacrificing the quality of our counsel.

Lion Legal Services is built around your convenience, including twenty-four hours emergency access, same day phone consultations with a Lion Lawyer, and secure electronic communications. We are seamlessly organized, providing structure, regular communication, and clear guidance clients crave. Lion Legal Services exemplifies the concept that the process – how it feels – is equally as important as the result; and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews to prove it.

The Lion is courageous, just, and dignified; he is committed to serving his entire community with Lion Guidance. Lion Legal Services works for positive social change the only way we know how: legally! We partner with local libraries to plan and host regular free legal clinics and with non-profits to further our purpose and mission of expanding access to affordable no-nonsense legal services. We regularly host free seminars on how to prevent legal problems in common areas of life: buying a car, warranties, leasing, property claims, buying insurance, & contract reviews, divorce, custody, estate planning, small businesses, credit & financing.

Our civic-minded Lion Lawyers are your lawyers for life. Always have plenty of cards, so no matter the problem life presents, you can resolve it with a simple, “call my lawyer!” because our Pride Protection is a life-long promise.

Since 2012, Working Arkansans have a working law firm to get what they need, when they need it, for a price they can afford and an experience they will appreciate.

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