We are dedicated to the concept that how it FEELS is equally as important as the winning results we obtain for our clients. This is being client-oriented.

Being client-oriented means being process-oriented, so we are consistent and always do what we say we will do. We make the process as smooth as possible to limit stress for our clients.

Intake Process

If you hire us after your free phone consultation, we must complete the Intake Process.

Intake can be in person, by phone, or electronic. There is no fee difference in the two and it is completely up to the new client to choose the method.  Some clients prefer in person because they are not comfortable with the electronic format or are paying in cash. Others prefer the convenience and speed of the electronic option.

If in person you meet with one of our Client Coordinators and you provide factual and demographic information while she inputs that information in your electronic file. You will sign a paper contract and take a copy home with you for your records. You will set up your autopay and make your first payment, too.

If electronically, we will email you the link to fill out the intake form from your phone or laptop. You do not have to print anything! Once you fill it out and submit it, then the firm receives an electronic copy and you also receive an emailed copy of the information you provided us. You will also sign electronically your written client agreement via an emailed link. Upon submission, you and the firm each will receive an electronic copy of the agreement. Next, you’ll make your first payment online also via an emailed link. Your autopay will be set up by email with the Billing Office.  

Intake is not a test! You cannot fail! Do not stress or feel pressured to research any answers. Simply, provide as much information as you easily can, to put us in the best position to move your case forward as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve completed the intake process, you don’t have to do anything else but wait for your Welcome Email.

Our Client Coordinator has to finish her work on the backend to “open your file.”

Once she finishes that then the Managing Attorney of whatever division your case is in will assign a lead attorney and a lead paralegal on your matter.

Welcome Email

Within TWO BUSINESS DAYS of your completing your intake with a Client Coordinator, you will receive a Welcome Email, which confirms again what you’ve hired us to do, how much it costs, your payment plan and what we are going to do next.

In your Welcome Email, a Welcome Phone Call will usually be scheduled – sometimes they are not, depending on the facts and type of your case.

That WPC is scheduled usually about a week out with the attorney on your file. We schedule them a week out to give the attorney time to review completely your intake information, research online, review previous pleadings, roughly outline a legal strategy and be READY to talk with you about the direction of your case.

The weeks’ time also allows the attorney/paralegal team to handle any immediate deadlines, so we can work on a big-picture legal strategy.

Welcome Phone Call

The WPC is with your attorney and is designed to happen early in the representation to answer your questions about how the process is going to work, reasonable expectations and reasonable timelines.

We will confirm a third time what you’ve hired us to do, how much the first fee is, your agreed payment plan and the legal strategy on your matter.

After these initial steps, every other step in your case is customized to the facts of your case so you’ll the answers to when you’re going to hear from us again, what you should be doing, and what is going to happen next at the completion of your WPC.