NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR (January 8, 2020)—Leigh Law’s founder, Victoria Leigh, announces the formation of Lion Legal Services, an umbrella organization to encompass the recent expansion of general law, mediation, and child-related services offered by the company. Leigh Law, Leigh Liaisons, and Pride Professionals are gathered under the Lion Legal Services brand.

“We’ve been ‘Roaring to the Rescue’ at Leigh Law since 2012 with our lion-hearted legal services for working Arkansans,” says Leigh. “Recently we set up two related companies, Leigh Liaisons to focus on mediation, and Pride Professionals for Ad Litem services and supervised visitation. Our law practice keeps growing, and now it’s time for our name and brand to reflect where we are headed.”

Lion Legal Services and its “pride” of companies will build upon Leigh Law’s established branding, incorporating the imagery and iconic symbolism of the lion. “The practice of law requires us to be fearless and well-prepared on behalf of our clients, always fit to do battle when necessary, but ready to negotiate when it is the wiser choice,” says Leigh. “That’s why we adopted the roaring lion as our logo.”

The mission of Lion Legal Services is to make top-notch legal services affordable and available to working families in Arkansas. The tools to make this happen include a talented team of lawyers, well-defined services, flat fees, flexible payment plans, and clear communication.

Download the news release here: 20200108-lls-name-change-news-release