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What is Life Planning?

People think if they don’t have much savings they don’t need to do any planning. This is wrong! Whether you have $100 or 1 billion dollars you should plan.

Lion Legal Services – the Working Arkansan’s law firm – developed a plan for working Arkansans and it is planning for all aspects of Life, not just death!

Death is inevitable, but most of us do not think about what our loves ones will face after we die. Your particular needs will depend on who your heirs are and what is in the estate, including real and personal property, cash, investments, cars, credit card or medical debts, mortgages, funeral expenses.

Wills, Trusts, business entities, death is overwhelming. Let Leigh Law guide you through every step of the process.

Every plan we offer includes services to address three categories: when you’re alive and well, when you’re alive and not well, and when you’re dead.

Alive & Well

You can’t take your life savings with you. Lion Legal Services’ LIFE PLAN helps you live life to the fullest while you can, planning for tomorrow and long into the future for your spouse and your heirs. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We help clients ensure they are spending the money they have as effectively as possible.

Once a life plan client, you’re always a client. All plans include lifetime contract review, health, life, liability, car, and property insurance review (most people are wasting money over insured!), debt defense, marriage and divorce considerations, credit maintenance & disputes.
We consider the need for powers of attorney, property agreements, and more.

Alive & Not Well

Being “not well” could be temporary or permanent, but is a common category of concerns that most estate planning attorneys do not address. Appointing decision makers in case you can’t decide for yourself, outlining your wishes in various possible circumstances is a blessing to your family in times of crisis – blended families and other circumstances require different considerations.

We address who makes your medical decisions, what your medical wishes are, how your assets are handled or protected while you’re incapacitated, financial protection for your surviving spouse, Medicaid Planning!

Do you have long term nursing care plans? You should! 70% of Americans will need long term nursing care in their lives and without planning, almost all of your assets must be spent paying for it, leaving your surviving spouse struggling financially.

What happens to your home? Who gets to live there? Who pays for maintenance? There are a million and one questions to consider and Lion Legal Services has the experience and training to navigate you to a concrete plan addressing them all!


Everyone thinks they all they need is a will. Wills are worthless in most respects because they do nothing to avoid probate. All a will is, is a set of instructions. No one has the authority to enforce those instructions except a judge. The process to get a judge to make decisions and enforce your instructions is the probate process – which is time-consuming and expensive (check out our Probate Page for more information).

Trust or no Trust?

We must consider all your assets, real property, investments, and craft a customized plan for your estate to avoid probate and still accomplish your goals.

Many – most – attorneys will try to push clients into a trust. Trusts are extremely useful and have a great place in the world of estate planning, however most folks do NOT need a trust.

Trusts are easy ways to make money for lawyers, so selling one to each client increases the bottom line tremendously!

Lion Legal Services would love to sell you a trust – and if you really need one, we will! Most folks with a little basic planning can avoid the probate process and successfully plan for future circumstances and protect their assets without a trust. These are our basic life and estate plans.

Lion Legal Services also offers life and estate plans with Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts. All Trust plans include everything in the Basic Plans, plus the trust.

If your circumstances need a trust, then a thorough and multi-appointment process is followed to customize your trust to your specific circumstances, ensuring we reach your goals in the most economical and reasonable way possible.

Real Property

The only way to transfer real property is through a deed! There are many, many different types – we will determine best way to transfer or plan to transfer to avoid probate in the future and save your heirs thousands of dollars.

Don’t rely on a will to transfer effectively because they definitely do NOT. All our life and estate plans account for what real property you own.

Minor/Adult Disabled Children

If you have them, who will care for them when you’re gone?

Folks need to plan for what happens if they are temporarily or permanently incapacitated—who will take care of your finances, who will decide how your money is spent? Maybe your current spouse or your adult children? Maybe you want your parents in charge!

The whole point of Life Planning is to avoid the probate process for your heirs and preserve your assets while you’re living.

Give us a call today for a completely free consultation to determine your needs. We would love to earn your trust and your business, no matter your needs. Our plans are customized to fit the needs of each client and range from simple plans starting at $250 to complicated plans.

Our initial consultations are always completely free to determine your options and what you need!

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