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Lion Values

Here’s why we chose the Mighty Lion to represent us

Lions are regal. They fear nothing. They’re powerful; yet poised. Lions don’t back down from a fight; but, have the wisdom to not fight every battle. Lions show leadership, strength, good judgment, and compassion in all aspects of life and business.

  • Down to Earth
  • Affordable
  • Realistic
  • Clear Communication
  • Process-oriented
  • Appreciation
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Transparent
  • Reasonable

We live our Lion values by never misrepresenting likely results, real-life benefits of our services, and always doing what we say we will do.

We are client-centered

We put our clients first by making decisions based on the client’s perspective and experience. Clients come first in all aspects from the first phone call to closing the matter.

We are process driven – see our Lion Process page – to ensure the least stressful, predictable experience for clients while we work through your legal issues. 

There is a subtle difference in telling a client what to do and presenting the client with all options, conducting a thorough explanation of costs and likely results of each option and allowing the client to choose; the latter focuses on the client.

Bad news is delivered as soon as possible; we have solutions prepared and anticipate client’s reaction by thinking through the Satisfaction Triangle of process, emotion, and substance of the issue.

And we are firm-centered

Client centered means we are firm centered. The two drive each other; client centered is positive for the firm because it drives a positive reputation, referrals and happy clients results in enjoyable daily work experience.

Being firm-centered is positive for our clients because an efficient, innovative law firm improves the bottom line and provides us more resources to invest in client-centered initiatives.

A Full Service Law Firm

Lion Legal Services is a full-service law firm, customizing services to the needs and budget of the clients we serve.

Services and payment plans are customized to each client from limited scope to full service, at budget friendly, predictable transparent fees and finance options.  


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