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Lion Legal Services offers confidential, practical mediation services to solve all manner of life’s issues. The bedrock of Lion Legal Services is clear communication, affordable fees, transparency, and reasonableness under the circumstances.

Traditional Mediation services are billed hourly with no guidance in the process and fees are unfettered, often running into the thousands of dollars.Our mediation division is a no frills mediation group offering realistic, no-nonsense mediation services at economical flat fees and payment plans.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is compromise! It is much less stressful, less time consuming, and often much less expensive. Studies show that all parties are happier and tend to follow agreements reached through mediation better than court orders. The process is facilitated and based on training and studies which help parties reach a resolution in a matter of hours. It is not therapy or counseling.

Why spend months arguing, exchanging documents and financial records, hearings, orders, subpoenas, depositions and literally thousands of dollars when professional mediation services are available, convenient, rapid and very successful?

If you are in a lawsuit and are ordered to mediation or are interested in resolving your case through mediation instead, call Lion Legal Services and we will help you find Reasonable Resolutions to your issue.

Areas where Mediation can help

Family Problems:

Unlike other types of issues, relationships in domestic cases extend beyond the mediation and beyond the legal case. For the benefit of the children and parties who have to deal with each other for years to come, a strong consideration needs to be the preservation of the co-parenting relationships. 

Whether the parents were never married or are well past a divorce, or you’re a non-parent wanting to resolve guardianship, visitation, or adoption issues, children bind you with each other for years. In an ideal world the first custody and visitation order will last until all your children are grown; but that’s not always possible. Circumstances and people change! Whether this is the first time or a modification, Lion Legal Services is here to help you resolve the current issue and arrange a plan to never need court again. 

The State of Arkansas offers a complimentary service to all custodial parents to obtain and enforce child support orders. There are many factors which can affect child support. The case load is heavy at the Office of Child Support Enforcement and if both parties are willing, then Lion Legal Services can provide faster and longer-lasting results for all parties.

Access & Visitation Program

Tori Leigh is a certified mediator with the Arkansas Access program and is happy to facilitate your approval and participation in the program with Lion Legal Services.

Real Estate and Business Problems

Real Estate and business transactions are not for the faint of heart but resulting disputes can be resolved with a knowledgeable mediator at the helm. Whether in a large civil lawsuit or a small boundary dispute with no lawyers, the mediators at Lion Legal Services have the real estate experience necessary to mediate any real estate dispute.

From LLC dissolutions to Quiet Title disputes, to boundary line disputes, easements, title issues, buying or selling property to lease negotiations, evictions, and property tax problems, we are your definite go-to mediation firm for any real estate related matter.


Probate is the legal process of settling the assets and debts of the estate of a person who passed away. The probating process is time-consuming (months!) and expensive. If avoidable at all, you should avoid it. There are many deadlines and publications and other various notices that must be handled. 

If you are an heir or interested family member, needing help resolving a deceased person’s estate, please call us today. We are experienced in all probate matters & helping you and other heirs work together resolve your family’s assets and debts without trial.


Who Pays? 

Traditionally, the parties equally split the cost of mediation; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Payment can be agreed upon or court ordered. It makes no difference to the firm how the parties split the fee or if one side pays 100%. Usually the mediator won’t know which side paid for the mediation and it won’t affect the mediation services provided by the mediator. 

Most mediators charge by the hour, assess additional administrative, copy, credit card, or other fees. At Lion Legal Services, we believe that low, set, flat fees are ideal for clients to budget around and avoid surprise bills at the end of the mediation.

Clients know going in how much it will cost & before additional fees are incurred, are able to decide if the mediation is progressing positively. This saves clients money while not affecting the mediation success.  


There are no administrative fees or other “set up” fees and the listed amounts are total, not per person.  Mediation Sessions can be scheduled as follows (2 hours minimum): 

2 hours (minimum) – $500 flat fee

1/2 day (3.5 hours) 8:30-12 or 1-4:30 – $750 flat fee

Full Day (8 hours) 8:30-4:30 – $1250 flat fee (bring a sack lunch, no one leaves!) 

Additional hours after 4;30pm are billed at $200/hour in one hour increments.  

Weekend & after hours are available, scheduled in advance at no extra charge. 

If parties are not represented by counsel, then parties will need a minimum 1/2 day.

All mediations include about 15-20 minutes of introduction/necessary paperwork, so consider that in determining how much time is needed.


Our offices are specifically designed for effective mediation with multiple comfortable meeting and conference rooms; but, our mediators will travel!

Mediation Rooms

 Our offices are furnished with multiple rooms facilitate mediation, negotiation and consultation. 

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