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Lion Legal Mediation Is Professional Mediation In Arkansas

Mediation is very effective and very expensive, outside the budget of most litigants.

At Lion Legal Services, we offer no frills mediation. The most effective in town at removing emotion and settling legal matters. Reasonableness is not Weakness.

We offer state-wide, budget mediation at our offices or via teleconference in domestic, real estate, business, probate, contracts, personal injury, civil rights,  and workplace disputes.

Lion Mediators are certified to mediate in all areas in Circuit and District Courts of Arkansas and are certified mediators for the Access and Visitation Program through the Administrative Office of the Courts. 

How much does mediation cost?

Starting at $500 total, our certified mediation services are by far the most affordable in Arkansas. Our fees are “out the door” fees – split however agreed or ordered.

  • $500 (2 hours),
  • $750 (half day),
  • $1250 (full day)

Bring a sack lunch & snacks. No one leaves until we are settled or we decide it is over.

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