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Photo of Victoria Leigh, attorney at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, AR.

Victoria Leigh


I’m Tori! Lion Legal Services is my baby, starting as Leigh Law in a one-room, walk-up office with little more than a dream and crossed fingers. Our success is a mix of trial and error, sheer grit, and cultivating the right team. Today we are Lion Legal Services – a North Little Rock staple, living our purpose to evolve the way Arkansans feel about lawyers by resolving life’s problems with affordable, transparent, reasonable, no-nonsense legal solutions… READ MORE

Photo of Tara Pool, attorney at Lion Legal Services in North LIttle Rock, AR.

Tara Pool


I’m Tara! The purpose and mission of Lion Legal Services, really speak to me. I helped develop them over the last few years and I love working here because we genuinely live this commitment to making reasonable legal advice affordable for Working Arkansans. Everyone deserves realistic, clear help and communication to know if there is a solution or if they should move on with their lives… READ MORE

Photo of attorney Danielle Hasty at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Danielle Hasty

Managing Attorney
Civil & Probate Divisions

I’m Danielle: Lion Legal Services is my happy place with our no-nonsense, team approach to resolving clients’ issues. Unlike most folks, I’m non-confrontational and quiet. Don’t let that fool ya into complacency, though! Details are my jam; my introverted “woman of few words” demeanor complements well the other attorneys on the Lion Legal team who take a bigger picture approach. READ MORE

Photo of Rebecca Ferguson, attorney at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, AR.

Rebecca Ferguson

Managing Attorney
Family & Criminal Divisions

I’m Becca! I am the managing attorney for our Criminal and Family Divisions. I work exclusively criminal defense and domestic cases here (surprisingly often, they go hand in hand) and love my work at Lion Legal Services because it allows me the freedom to communicate very well with clients, rely on my co-attorneys, and spend the time on each case that each of my cases deserves. READ MORE

This is a photo of Lauren Ruff, attorney at Lion Legal Services

Lauren E. Ruff

Associate Attorney

Hi, I’m Lauren! I am new to Lion Legal Services; but, not to the practice of law, having spent the past eleven years practicing in Northwest Arkansas. My legal passion is any case involving family and children. Solving problems, keeping families together, serving justice from the ground up. That’s me. READ MORE

This is a photo of Kristy Sims, attorney at Lion Legal Services

Kristy Sims

Associate Attorney

I’m Kristy – born and raised in the Arkansas Delta. I’m the first attorney in my extended family as far back as anyone can remember. We were raised with the belief that we only hire lawyers as an absolute last case scenario because they were so cost-prohibitive. That’s one of the reasons I’m happy to work at Lion Legal Services. READ MORE

Photo of Elizabeth Dussex, Lion Lawyer at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Elizabeth Dussex

Associate Attorney

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I’ve moved around quite a bit growing up, but Dog Town is home and I’m a grad of NLRHS! I’m in Conway with plans in the near future to relocate my husband and two cats—Lilith and Stevie—back to NLR. READ MORE

This is a photo of Emily Baccam, attorney at Lion Legal Services

Emily Baccam

Law Clerk

Hi, I’m Emily! I have worked as a paralegal for the past three years, most recently here at Lion Legal Services as a Law Clerk. In case you’re wondering, that is something between a paralegal and a lawyer – which makes sense because I’m a law student too. READ MORE

Photo of Zoe Robinson, Lion Lawyer at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Zoë Robinson

Law Clerk

Hi. I’m Zoë! I’m originally from Washington State, born and raised. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University (Go Cougs!). We moved to Arkansas for me to attend law school and loved it! I’ve graduated, married, bought a house, and found a job. READ MORE

This is a photo of Lizzy Trimble, at Lion Legal Services

Lizzy Trimble


Hi! I’m Lizzy. I’ve been with Lion Legal Services over a year now. I started working in the legal industry several years ago in domestic relations and foreclosure work.

I’m a paralegal in the family division at Lion Legal Services. I love the work, the clients, and our approach to helping people. READ MORE

Photo of Jessie Weston, Law Clark at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Jessie Weston


I’m Jessie. Born in El Dorado and raised in Davenport, Iowa with a love for sports (Hawkeyes, KC Royals, and Chiefs, Pittsburgh Pirates fan), music, art, and the outdoors. I have been back in Arkansas for about twelve years now. READ MORE

Photo of Jessie Weston, Law Clark at Lion Legal Services in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Krystal Moreland

Administrative Assistant

I’m Krystal! Texas Transplant to The Natural State, with no plans to leave. Other than my five years abroad in Spain – which was amazing—Arkansas is my favorite place to live. I’m the Billing & Intake Coordinator and my job is to open new client files and manage the payment plans for our clients! READ MORE

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