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Victoria Leigh


I’m Tori! Lion Legal Services is my baby, starting in a one room walk-up office with little more than a dream and crossed fingers. Our success is a mix of trial and error, sheer grit, and cultivating the right team.   [read-more]

Meet The Staff 3

Tara Mills


I’m Tara! I’ve worked here a few years- because of our growth needs and my dynamic skill set, I’ve worked in every position possible at Lion Legal Services!  [read-more]

Meet The Staff 4

Danielle Hasty


I’m Danielle: born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (outside Tulsa), but a proud Razorback and Little Rocker.  Gamma Eta got me through the U of A and Karaoke at the Town Pump got me through law school at Bowen.  [read-more]

Meet The Staff 5

Rebecca Ferguson


My name is Rebecca, but those close to me call me Becca!  I grew up in Camden, sustained on sports and church. Since the fourth grade, I’ve known I’d be a lawyer.


Meet The Staff 6

Breean Walas

“Of Counsel” Attorney

I’m Breean! I’m of counsel – meaning that I don’t work full time at Lion Legal Services. We work together on a case by case basis, convoluted civil litigation and appellate matters, mostly. [read-more]

Meet The Staff 7

Jean Martin

Marketing Manager & Paralegal

My name is Jean and I’ve been on the Lion Legal Services train from the very beginning.  Like Tara I’ve worn many hats: office manager, marketing, sales. My favorite hat to wear is as real estate paralegal and I’ve been in the industry more years than I care to admit.  

My roots are on the West Coast; but, Arkansas has been home for well over thirty years. I’m known for my quick-wit, infinite “glass is half-full” mentality,  and uncanny ability to cut through red-tape rules to accomplish my task! 

I love the down-home goodness of the South and have settled nicely in Park Hill with my elderly, plump, twin chihuahuas. There’s little I’d ever complain about my Southern existence except…this Arkansas culture of not involving real estate attorneys in real estate transactions! This does not happen in California! I write a lot of blogs on real estate topics. If you don’t hire someone (us!); at least, I hope, our blogs help avoid common pitfalls in your real estate sales and purchases. 

Meet The Staff 8

Lisa Harrison

Administrative & Legal Assistant

I’m Lisa! Arkansas has been my home my whole life and I love it here.

Legal issues are always stressful, but we have happy clients and it’s a positive place at Lion Legal Services. We don’t duck phone calls or avoid clients – when that happens in an office, it always seems to be the hardest on the support staff having to deal with it, ya know?  

If I needed a lawyer, this is the only place I’d come. It’s really nice working where folks mean what they say and say what they mean. I’m always smiling and even-tempered – as you know, that’s not a lawyer strong suit – so they really need me to stick around!

I am a Jane of all trades, doing a little bit of everything; whatever needs to be done, I make sure it is completed. The longer I am here, the more strongly I feel as though I were born for the job of keeping these Lion Lawyers on the straight and narrow!  

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