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Real Estate

Real Estate transactions are not for the faint of heart!

Let us help you with any real estate related matter – from simple advice before you enter into an agreement, to drafting complicated residential and commercial real estate contracts, to litigating title or boundary disputes, and anything in between.

Real Property is the most expensive thing that most Arkansans ever purchase – a few hundred dollars and some time before you enter into a purchase agreement often saves thousands of dollars & heartache in the future.

From Quiet Title actions, to boundary line disputes, easements, title issues, buying or selling property to lease negotiations, evictions, and property tax problems, Lion Legal Services is your definite go-to for any real estate related matter.

For Sale By Owner Package

You do not NEED a lawyer to sell your house. But involving a real estate attorney often saves you thousands of dollars. Real Estate agents often do little more than list the house on the MLS, and show the home to interested buyers and charge a 6-7% commission. If your house sells for $100,000, then you would pay $7000.00!

You can easily list your house on a free website – or – and show it to interested buyers yourself! Tori was a real estate agent and title insurance agent for many years and it was through this experience she recognized the immense need for an option other than real estate agents!

Our FSBO package is a flat fee, based on your sales price, for us to guide you through listing, showing, and selling the house yourself with our Lion Guidance. We will draft the contracts, documents, and walk you through closing the sale, often saving you thousands in closing costs.

Most agents want sellers to pay all buyers’ expenses – sometimes including their first month’s mortgage payment! That’s crazy, but it happens because it is the sellers with the equity in the home and reduces the money buyers have to bring to the table to close.

Lion Legal Services provides services well beyond what a real estate agent can provide and our legal analysis and involvement can save you thousands of dollars.

The more expensive your house, the more you save with our flat fee “for sale by owner” legal package.

Quiet Title Actions

Once you purchase properties at a tax auction, you have to “quiet the title.” There are other circumstances – not just tax sales – that require quieting title too. Lion Legal Services is experienced and fast in these matters.

Judgment liens, Adverse Possession, & other Title Disputes

Whether a judgment is attached or a co-owner has died, leaving the title in dispute, Lion Legal Services can help you resolve your problem quickly and economically.

Easement & Boundary Disputes

Surveys, plats, subdivisions, prescriptive, dominant, servient…this area of law is confusing and fraught with peril if you aren’t knowledgeable and experienced. Put our experience to work for you.

Land Contracts, Lease to Own, & Equitable Mortgages

We represent buyers and sellers in non-traditional purchases of real property frequently. These are advantageous for both buyers and sellers in various circumstances – but you need to know the risk and benefit and protect yourself. Let Lion Legal Services protect you in all your real estate matters today!


Tenants have few rights in Arkansas and if your landlord is evicting you, there are few options to fight it. Most likely, the best realistic advice is to use whatever funds you’d spend on legal fees to move to a new place. Lion Legal Services handles evictions and pursues judgments for damages frequently & economically. Particularly in Pulaski County where criminal evictions are no longer honored, the civil unlawful detainer process can be very confusing. Let us help you with your eviction – you’ll save more in time than the money you spend hiring us to handle it! We promise!

Construction Law

In construction law, all parties involved are required by law to act in good faith while fulfilling their contractual obligations. Any disputes that arise are governed by construction laws. This area of law is extremely complex and requires a very knowledgeable attorney to navigate all of the contracts involved.

Foreclosure Defense

In Arkansas, non-judicial foreclosures are allowed. If you are on the brink of foreclosure, don’t delay in contacting Lion Legal Services. If you are behind, we can help you re-negotiate terms to get caught up or if you’re being wrongfully foreclosed because of banking or other clerical mistakes (they happen in huge nation-wide banks!) we can help you resolve it without losing your home. Give us a call today!

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