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Rebecca Ferguson

Photo of Rebecca FergusonMy name is Rebecca, but those close to me call me Becca!  I grew up in Camden, far from interstates, malls, or civilization, sustained on sports and church. Since the fourth grade, I’ve known I’d be a lawyer. It’s a calling, not simply a job to me. It’s been my plan so long I can’t even remember how it started!

My roots in my Methodist church are strong – surviving going away to college (Henderson), law school (Bowen), career and family. My time with Ozark Mission Project accidentally shaped the lawyer I was to become – my first summer as a chaperone I saw a baby – two years old, maybe – locked outside with the goats all day long. I reported it and the next day the goats, baby, fence, everything was gone. The results of that report are unknown; but my fate was cemented: giving a voice to the voice-less among us – children, criminal defendants, people with no financial access to justice.

Eight years I spent as a public defender, representing the least among us, and protecting our American values; and, now at Lion Legal Services where I provide, day in and day out, the access to civil and domestic justice Arkansans so desperately need. I’m a member of the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and am a bang-up trial attorney with extensive court experience. I thrive in front of juries (100% win- rate, thank you!)

Here, I work mostly criminal defense and domestic cases here (surprisingly often, they go hand in hand) and love my work at Lion Legal Services because it allows me the freedom to communicate very well with clients, rely on my co-attorneys, and spend the time on each case that each of my cases deserves (unlike my time at the public defender’s office, where the caseload that I carried prevented me from spending as much time as I would’ve liked to have been able to spend on each of my cases). 

I’m proud to say I’m living a romance novel: I met my husband my first year in college and we’ve never broken up! We finished college together, went to law school together, married and passed the bar together and now have two perfect little girls together (Evelynn and Vivian). We live in Little Rock and spend our days trying to maintain an exercise routine and our sanity. When not talking about cases, we spend a lot of time on our boat and arguing over our sports teams rivalries.

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