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Do I Need A Small Business Lawyer?

We know small business—because we are a small business. From new solo businesses to seasoned multi-member, limited liability companies and partnerships, Lion Legal has the experience and creativity to address all your small business needs.

Big business has big-time legal protection.

Microsoft has an in-house legal team of more than 1,500. Ford Motor Company employs more than 600. Citi Bank: over 1000. They contract for outside legal services, as well.

The big fish all hire barracudas to circle the perimeter and guard the premises. What can you do to protect your own small business, and build a solid legal foundation for success? 

Small businesses face legal challenges, too.

 Just like the big fish, you have to deal with:

      • Business formations and dissolutions
      • Contract reviews and disputes
      • Employment issues
      • Wage/hour issues
      • Government agencies
      • Mortgage/finance
      • Insurance
      • Collections
      • Litigation
      • Transactions
      • And whatever else pops in over the transom

As your business grows, you’ll need to know:

      • How to hire and fire employees
      • How to structure payment of employees—are they independent contractors or should they be w4 employees?
      • How to set up health and retirement benefits
      • Tax issues—should you be charging and collecting sales tax? What is taxable income?
      • Contracts of all kinds—leases, purchase agreements, vendor contracts, service contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements
      • Collections – what to do when customers don’t pay
      • How to add business partners and protect investors
      • Planning for the business if something happened to the principal owner
  • Litigation

    Despite our best efforts, sometimes litigation cannot be avoided. We are trial attorneys who are experienced in all manner of business litigation—between business partners, or between business and customer.

    The Small Business Pass Through Act is the relevant law for business break-ups (dissolutions). Let Lion Legal “Roar to the Rescue” by helping you resolve your dispute aggressively, reasonably, and economically.

    Lion Legal is dedicated to providing clear, concise options, and a realistic evaluation of the pros and cons of engaging in civil litigation, which could take months—or years—to resolve.

    Call today to learn more about the process and likely results, and evaluate your options in any civil litigation scenario.


    Have an Arkansas small business attorney on your side.

    What if you had to go looking for a carpenter every time you wanted something repaired on your house? Fixing the problem might take an hour or two, but you could spend days trying to find the right person to do the work. Time lost searching, sorting out what, when, where, and how much, and learning to trust, is time you’d rather spend making your business better.

    Lion Legal is your Arkansas small business law firm.

    When you build a working relationship with us and we get to know your business, you’ll be ahead of the game. When legal issues arise, you’ll be ready to act. You will be able to head off many legal challenges, before they even appear. 

    Our attorneys are experts in business law, and are here for you with straight talk, predictable fees, and superior services.

    We promise to tell you what the most likely outcome is up front, and to be open and transparent in our communications with you until your case is resolved, and in the case of small businesses, to prevent legal issues before they arise! 

    Our approach to practicing law is revolutionizing the way law firms deliver legal services. Call Lion Legal today.

    A common estimated retainer range for cases in our Probate, Family, Civil, and Real Estate/Business Divisions is $3,000-$5,000. To read more about our billing process, check out our Billing Philosophies page.

Get a Lion in Your Corner

The small business team at Lion Legal works for you, to make sure your interests are protected and well represented, in any legal issue that may arise.

Our reputation – and the future of our law practice – depends on how well we do that job for you.

We will Roar to the Rescue with any small business related issue.

Small Business Services

Some of the small business services we offer include:

  • Formations & Dissolutions
  • Growth & Transactions
  • Litigation
  • Small Business Subscription


The Law of the Jungle is changing.

Lion Legal is making it happen.
That's why we're the Legal Pride of Arkansas.

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