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Supervised Visitation In Arkansas

We offer confidential, discrete, transparent professional supervision services. Circumstances can arise that require a judge to order a visitation supervisor. When that happens, you have to ask yourself…

The million dollar question

The million dollar question is who supervises? In-laws, ex In-laws, family friends? No matter how well-intentioned, no one is completely neutral and no one trusts someone associated with the other side in the custody case.

In these instances we provide professional supervised visitation services, focused on the safety of the child, with dignity for the parents and compassion for the circumstances. 

Sight & sound supervision, throughout Arkansas

We offer state-wide sight and sound supervision, on weekends and evenings, at our offices, private homes, or public places, such as parks, restaurants, bowling alleys—even pedicure outings!

Our supervisors are background checked, drug tested, and trained in-house, most with child related experience already, such as foster parents, teachers, and juvenile probation officers.

Reporting & testimony

A written factual report is distributed to all involved parties after each visit; and supervisors will testify at any party’s or attorney’s request.

How to schedule and how much does Arkansas Supervised Visitation cost?

Starting at $75/hour, our services are the most affordable supervised visitation services in Arkansas. There is a one time $250 administrative fee and mileage is charged to clients if travel for is required more than 15 miles one way. 

We establish fees based on frequency of need for the services and location and how long you’ll need us.

All supervisions MUST BE scheduled at least two business days in advance. If you need weekend visitation you must schedule it by the Wednesday before!

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Lion Legal Services is your professional, neutral source for Supervised Visitation in Arkansas

 Wherever you are around the state, we provide supervision services you can trust, providing for the safety of your children and producing factual written reports and testimony trusted by the courts.

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