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Tara Pool

Tara Pool 1Partner

Top Ten Attorney award to Tara Pool from the National Association of Family AttorneysI’m Tara! I’ve worked at Lion Legal Services for several years and made law partner in 2021. Because of our growth needs and my dynamic skill set, I’ve worked every position from Litigation Attorney, Division Manager, Front Office, Ad Litem—you name it, I’ve done it! I’m great with any position, but my favorite is plain ol’ attorney, practicing law. Today, I’m a partner in the firm, taking contested cases to trial, handling administrative matters, billing, client acquisition, HR, etc.

I spent most of my working years at Rivendell Behavioral Health and Pathfinder, Inc (before and after law school); my work experience with those less fortunate, combined with my social worker heart and love for details is the perfect skill set in high-emotion cases. Most cases should not go to trial simply because there is a reasonable resolution to preserve the relationships which exist long after the case is over…but when they do, I’m your girl!

I’m the perfect blend of feisty, clever, and smart and a member of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association. I know my way around a courtroom and I love my clients, working through their issues, cultivating a legal strategy and taking it all the way to the end in a trial, where my competitive streak completely overpowers my naturally empathetic disposition.

I grew up in Bauxite (no Saline County jokes, please), have family in Northwest Arkansas and settled in North Pulaski County. I have four daughters (yes, I know); two sets of twins. No one knows first-hand the stress of child-rearing more than I do! My personal co-parenting and vast professional experiences working with behavioral disorders and developmental disabilities provide a unique understanding, which helps me help others find great, long-lasting, solutions to their legal issues.

The purpose and mission of Lion Legal, really speak to me. I helped develop them over the last few years and I love being a part of the firm because we genuinely live this commitment to making reasonable legal advice affordable for Working Arkansans. Everyone deserves realistic, clear help and communication to know if there is a solution or if they should move on with their lives.

Sometimes people get Tori and me mixed up (Tara and Tori, I can see how that happens). When you get to know us better you won’t. Our personalities are opposite, but our strengths complement each other perfectly! Tori talks about how she’s not good with emotions. Thank goodness I am! We are great work and “not work” friends.

People talk about free time, but I’m not sure what that is! (See above: four daughters.) Kidding, Mostly. I spend my non-working time at home with my girls, garden, and fire pit. No surprise here, these are fairly expected pastimes for an introvert!

My email is tpool@lionlegal.com.

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