Team Approach

You might think “Do I really like the idea that I don’t have my own personal attorney? No, I do not.”  

Yes, you do!

Listen, in most law offices you only get one lawyer. He’s it. The main benefit is that you always talk to the same person as the case progresses. But that is a small benefit compared to all the downsides.

Here’s what that one lawyer is responsible for:

  • Talking to all potential clients that call in and making sure he’s bringing in enough money for the next month.
  • Answering the phone/returning phone calls of all current clients (required work!)
  • Actually working on his open cases – familiarizing himself with the facts, determining legal strategy, drafting legal documents,
  • Communicating with current clients – updating them, providing advice and counsel.
  • Communication with opposing attorneys – negotiating, presenting settlement terms.
  • Researching – writing, reading case law.
  • Preparing his clients for court.
  • Preparing himself for court!
  • Actually attending court (at which time he’s not in office to do all these other things!)
  • Doing all billing and collecting on invoices.
  • Paying all the bills.

It. Is. Impossible. To wear all the hats and perform all of those duties well.

Teamwork works better!

At Lion Legal, we recognize that we are better together than we are individually.

Working together allows us to do all those things listed above exceptionally well, communicate with clients and always be prepared for court and available to other clients when one lawyer is in court.

You do not need a lawyer to lose, you can do that all on your own. You need a team of lawyers to WIN. You need a team to make the process of obtaining legal services as stress-free as possible. 

At Lion Legal, we divide these duties to conquer them well. Front Office staff handle all new client consultations, all administrative work, billing and invoicing, and human relations, while the Bank Office staff and attorneys do all the hard lawyering work of planning, researching, communicating, negotiating, and going to trial on individual cases. This division of labor allows us all to do our jobs extremely well for the benefit of our clients. 

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