As well-seasoned divorce lawyers, we created a series of blogs for those of you thinking of divorce in Arkansas. For information about Leigh Law’s Family & Domestic Law services, click here. We also answer several of your most common questions on our FAQ page.

How long does it take to get a Divorce In Arkansas?

Divorces are like cars – you can buy a clunker on Craigslist for barely anything or you can buy an Escalade for $70,000! It’s a silly analogy, but a true one. There is no one size fits all divorce, no matter what you wish were true and what you may think from reading blogs like this one.

Uncontested divorces.

A truly uncontested divorce at the low end would be quick to do and wouldn’t involve children or real property or personal property division. This is a unicorn – very rare and I really don’t believe it exists! There is always something that complicates a divorce and that the parties need guidance about.

Legally, a divorce is required to take at least a month. The law requires that 30 days pass between the day of filing and the entry of the divorce decree. If everyone is agreeable, then we can get a divorce completed, realistically, within about 45-60 days. Thirty days may be possible, but doubtful. Some things are out of our control. For example, we are assigned a judge and that judge will put us on the docket and/or sign the decree when he or she has time. Especially in larger counties, it is unlikely that we could get a hearing set on day 30 even if we had all our paperwork ready.

More complicated divorces.

If there are complicating factors then a divorce could take 12-18 months. These might include custody and support complications, or large financial issues to resolve, or even small disagreements that the parties are arguing about like cats and dogs.

The realistic estimate of time is, on average, divorces handled by Leigh Law take between 90-120 days. That takes into account delays in getting signatures, how long it takes to get service and the negotiation process.

What is the cost of a Divorce in Arkansas?

Cost, like length, is relative to the issues we are arguing over. Can you get a divorce for just your filing fee? Absolutely! The forms are free online and you can do it. The trick is knowing what to put in all those blanks!

Why would you hire a lawyer for a divorce that is relatively uncontested? In that case you don’t the the lawyer’s negotiation skills, since you and your spouse are basically in agreement. It’s the lawyer’s advice, counsel, knowledge, and experience that enables them to write the divorce decree correctly, considering all the issues that need to be considered you and your spouse may not be aware of. The goal is to prevent you from ever having to come back and revisit the divorce decree, and that’s worth an attorney’s fee – just ask one of the folks who tried to handle their own divorce and in hindsight, didn’t do it very well.

We don’t like traditional retainer fees.

The traditional legal retainer model of taking a sum of money from the client, and billing against it by the hour, is, frankly, terrible for the client! There’s no accountability on the lawyer. The client has no real idea how much time we spent on a case and no matter what that time sheet says, the client is mad at us because he or she thinks we lied about our time. That’s really understandable.

Leigh Law offers Flat Fees & Payment Plans instead.

We developed a flat fee system handling divorces. Our services are like a buffet – we provide the service you need when you need it, for a known cost, and we don’t provide or charge you for services you don’t need or want. Our clients love our flat fees and payment plans, and we love it because our clients love it!

Over fifty percent of the divorces we handle cost $2000, which is paid over 90-120 days. Coincidentally, that’s the same amount of time it usually take to resolve a divorce. Folks are on our payment plan, with no interest or late fees or credit card acceptance fees. Your peace of mind is worth doing it right, and we do it right affordably.

Leigh Law is dedicated to apply reasonableness and practicality to all our cases. Read more about our fees and billing policies here. Being reasonable and practical keeps costs and stress down for clients and speeds the process up tremendously.

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