Who Says The Truth Does Not Matter?

We say this to people, potential clients, and it’s shocking to them. Every. Time. I guess, just like other professions, we forget the shock factor because we work in this area every day.

No, Really, It Does Matter, Right?

Therapists and social workers will vehemently disagree. THE TRUTH DOES MATTER, they insist. It matters to emotional well-being, it matters to mental health. To be seen, heard, recognized. Well, yes, I agree with that!

The thing is, we are not social workers. We are lawyers. Our job is to give advice and counsel – predict with as much accuracy as possible – what a judge is likely to do in a given circumstance. What matters is what the judge will believe and then what the judge is likely to rule.

How Can We Know What A Judge Might Do?

There are not that many judges around here. Lawyers practice in front of all of them. We get good at predicting what they are going to do because we’ve seen them do it before. When we go into court to present a case, the judge is our audience and the number one rule is: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

There are only so many different ways that custody and divorce can go. We’ve seen it all and the judges have seen it all! Most judges are very consistent and predictable in the way the decide, so knowing how they will act, and react, is beneficial to our clients. We pay attention to the judges’ decisions and behavior so we can give useful legal guidance to our clients.

Just Tell Me What I Want To Hear!

When we tell a client that what they want is NOT going to happen, it isn’t because we don’t want it to happen. Or that we are not on the client’s side! We are very much on the side of our clients, and a big part of our job is to know how the courts work, how the judges act, and be realistic about getting a good outcome.

We are doing our job, giving the best advice and counsel that we can give, when we tell the client, realistically, what to expect. Sometimes it isn’t what the client wants to hear.

Here’s An Example

For example, if we say that it would be best not to take a certain case to trial, it isn’t because we don’t want to go to trial. We are trial lawyers and we love a good clean legal fight, when we have good and realistic reasons to believe that we will win! Winning in a court room is delightful for us! The key word though, is realistic.

We don’t like to lose and clients don’t either. Our job is to ensure that the case we are taking and the expectation for results from the trial are realistic and reasonable, and that the outcome will be in the best interests of the client. That’s part of our competitive spirit at work. Winning for the client is getting the best outcome we can, the best way we can, and not just going to court and fighting because we can.

What Is “Truth” Then, In A Court Of Law

There are three sides to every story–his side, her side, and the truth lying somewhere in between. Our judges know this and they do their jobs well, sorting through the allegations and emotions on both sides to get to a reasonable understanding of the truth upon which to base their decisions.

Judges strive to remove emotion from their decision-making.

Knowing that, and removing emotion from our own decision-making before we get in front of a judge, saves the client time, money, and stress, and leads to better outcomes.

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