What exactly is flat fee billing? I’m so glad you asked!!

Flat Fees vs. Fat Fees

Paying lawyers is right up there with paying Uncle Sam – folks HATE IT! We understand. Really! We know it stinks – the traditional model of hourly billing is even worse. No transparency. No accountability. Your lawyer had a party and padded your bill to make up for the booze. That’s what clients think!

And just like in your legal cases – the truth does’t matter. If the client THINKS we padded the bill, then whether we actually padded the bill or not is irrelevant because the client relationship is already ruined.

Not to mention that hourly billing is damn near impossible to afford for most “run of the mill” legal matters. Every email, every phone call, every voicemail, every passing thought in the shower is billed to your account and it can add up quickly to thousands of dollars and no tangible benefit for the client.

Cue: FLAT FEES – in stages!

Flat fees work with a clear understanding on the front end of what work is involved in each stage of a case and with defined breaks where additional fees apply. This model – unlike hourly – allows lawyers to go gung-ho working the file up to a point at which it is necessary to re-evaluate with the client each step of the way their options, likely results, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of going to the next stage and triggering the next fee.

Flat fees can be budgeted. Flat fees can be paid in equal payment installments. Flat fees are reasonable. Our fees have no hidden expenses such as late fees or interest. They are completely transparent and predictable.

Our clients love it and you will too! Add paragraph about hiring us that you add on all of them

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